Collection Object

Philip Mötteli philip.moetteli at
Thu Aug 3 11:11:16 CDT 2006

Am 03.08.2006 um 10:57 schrieb Ruslan Zasukhin:

> On 8/3/06 11:19 AM, "Philip Mötteli"  
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>> Am 03.08.2006 um 10:08 schrieb Ruslan Zasukhin:

> I.e. Kind of have value ?

What do you mean with 'have value'?
It's a system type. A hidden compiler type. So officially one doesn't  
know, what it exactly is.
But as far as I remember it's a struct something like this:

typedef struct objc_selector
	IMP		implementation;
	char	*name;
	char	*signature;
} _ objc_selector;

> You know size of this SEL in bytes ?

It's a pointer:

	typedef struct objc_selector 	*SEL;


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